My first post will be a flash post!

The term flash post, as used here, refers to a post written in 10 minutes, due to the anxiety I’m feeling to share with you an incredible thing:

So… Imagine that you are in a bar, with friends, and someone you haven’t seen for years just bumps into you: “Hey man! How are you? What have you been doing?”

You have no choice but say that you’re a PhD student… you say in and you’re already hearing the fearful, terrible question: “How nice! What is that about?”

Ok… Too late to say “Just working, you know…” So, now, you have to “dumb” you PhD…

What if you had a white board and a pen at your disposition? What if you had a small audience interested in hearing you out for 10 minutes? And… What if this happened in a bar, for free beer? Enough for the sacrifice?


This is the PubhD! PubhD is monthly event that started up in Nottingham on January 2014 and has a very simple format. Three PhD students, from any academic discipline, explain their work for 10 minutes. The idea is that everyone, from different education backgrounds, should understand the talks. In the next 20 minutes, questions can be raised.

Ta da! You may now drink your free beers!

Now, this brilliant idea was brought to Portugal and it will happen in Lisbon!Post1_2

The first meeting is October 14th, TOMORROW!

The facebook event:

The blog:

And they are also on twitter, @_PubhD